My 2010: Year of Transition

It has been no secret that I have had to downsize and make drastic changes to my business since late last year. The credit crunch has certainly taken its toll on me. As we are now well into 2010, I am happy to report that the big changes I made have made a difference.  I am far from making a complete turnaround or comeback but I am happy to say I have a better sense of direction going forward.

One of the big changes is deciding to expand my property management business back to Orlando, FL and to seek out some consulting opportunities. I have also tweaked my business relationships and associations.  Part of my setback was in associating with people who drank the same kool-aid which blinded me to things we should have foreseen.

The people I want to know about my business largely know.  And the people who don’t know, well, it wasn’t a priority for me to let them know.  There is an inner circle and there is everyone else.

I am looking forward to seeing how 2010 turns out.  One thing is for sure, it won’t be boring!

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