Intrepid Bookkeeping Services Launched in Columbus, Georgia

I am happy to announce that Martha Leverett (who has managed my office and accounting for nearly half a decade) and I have decided to join forces to launch Intrepid Bookkeeping Services, a brand-new accounting and bookkeeping service firm in the Columbus, Georgia area.

We have worked quite well over the years and have complementary skills sets. We felt there was a need for a more progressive bookkeeping and accounting firm in our area. It has been my experience that many current firms are not technologically progressive and very conservative in how they operate.

Having embraced used and implemented technology in very creative ways in our own accounting operation, we felt other businesses in our area could benefit from our experience. Since we have a good business reputation and established track record in our area, we are optimistic in finding some great new clients to work with.

The sales description of Intrepid Bookkeeping Services is listed below.


We provide expert and accurate accounting and bookkeeping services to small businesses in Columbus Georgia (GA) and surrounding areas.

We provide the following bookkeeping and accounting services:

  • “After-the-fact” bookkeeping & reports
  • Clean up “shoe-box” accounting receipts/paperwork
  • Year-end accounting & reports
  • Multi-company / multi-business accounting
  • Multi-industry accounting expertise
  • Payroll check generation and payroll reporting
  • QuickBooks & Microsoft Excel accounting & support
  • Training & Consulting
  • Remote & Long-distance client support
  • Small business startup support
  • Small business office computer and network setup
  • Off-site accounting data backup

We have multi-industry accounting experience!

Look at the wide variety of industries our clients come from:

  • Real estate agency accounting
  • Property management and landlord accounting
  • Building & construction accounting
  • Attorney/Lawyer & law firm accounting
  • City/Municipal accounting
  • Retail & point-of-sale accounting
  • Ecommerce & Internet business accounting
  • Auto Dealership accounting
  • Furniture retail store accounting
  • Senior accounting (Accounting for senior citizens & the elderly)
  • Trucking accounting
  • Storage shed retail and rentals accounting
  • Publishing & book sales accounting

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