I Hate Blue Cross-Blue Shield of GA (Georgia)

I have to vent here but I am really tired of Blue Cross / Blue Shield of GA (Georgia). Their rates for Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Georgia continue to spiral out of control and their payment servicing is antiquated. For years, I have been asking for the ability to pay with a credit card online.  I do not trust the auto-pay process where people can deduct from my bank account or automatically charge my credit card.  I prefer to do it manually. But they just ignore it. Without competition, they can pretty much dictate how you should do things no matter how antiquated it is.

But each and every month, I have to block out time during the day to manually call their toll-free number and enter the stupid membership number which includes alphabetic characters (phones don’t easily allow alphabetic entry). I get put on hold and then I have to start over every month by giving them all your payment information. They don’t store your email address and I have to recite it every month.

It doesn’t help that the insurance industry doesn’t allow competition. From what I hear, every state allows only a couple of insurance companies to operate in each state.  That may not be a monopoly but it is a duopoly.

I bet if the medical insurance industry was to be opened up to nationwide competition, every medical insurance company would behave better.

The deal is I have the good fortune to be healthy and have not had any major claims only getting physicals once a year and maybe another office visit for something minor. Count me in as another person who believes the health care system is broken in the U.S. I am healthy now but if I got sick, no telling what kind of grief I would have to go through.

And to add insult to injury, Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Georgia (GA) is based where I live in Columbus, Georgia.

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