T-Mobile MyTouch 4g Visual Voicemail Error Aggravations

I am writing this post for the sole purpose of making sure this gets into the Google search engines. I am pretty upset because I have been hit for the 3rd time in 2.5 weeks with this upsetting message:

“Visual Voicemail: This phone was associated with a different account. Existing emails will be deleted.”

Quite frustrating. Happened to me on approximately March 25, April 1, and April 9. It cannot be a coincidence they happened on 3 consecutive Fridays.

The first time was the most destructive because I had many voicemails save up and almost everything was deleted except with a couple of very recent emails. I forgave T-Mobile because I was given a $30 credit for what was supposed to be an isolated incident. I have been a long time customer and always been happy with my phones over the years except until now.

On April 1, I called T-Mobile and made the rounds with both tech support and customer service. After burning up 1.5 hours on the issue, I told them I had to go and would call them back.  Well, I never called them back because I let the issue die down thinking it couldn’t happen again so soon.

Well, a few hours ago, another Visual Voicemail attack and delete.  This time I got it on video.  There is some serious problems with this feature. I am into my renewal for less than 6 weeks. After this 3rd hit today, I am going to insist on some satisfaction.  I am thinking I need to get another phone and just be done with this situation.

But we will see on the next call. As I said, I am pretty ticked and T-Mobile like most big companies won’t do anything unless a lot of people make noise.  Well, this long-time customer is starting his campaign to make lots of noise until I get some satisfaction.

UPDATE: 6:50am
Just got off the phone with tech support again and got her to come to my website and this blog post specifically. Unfortunately, T-Mobile blocks out YouTube videos so she could not see the video. However, I am going to post two photos of the error message. She said she was going to set up a case for the engineers. I told her from what I know only the MyTouch 4g’s are having these Visual Voicemail problems but it is sporadic and not EVERY MyTouch 4g owner has this problem. I was pushing to get another model of smartphone altogether to end the problem but I may be forced to accept another MyTouch 4G to see if the problem is resolved or not.

Right now, I am on the fence on what to do. A suggestion was made to simply deactivate Visual Voicemail altogether. I said that was not an acceptable long-term solution. I didn’t get smartphone so I could intentionally shut down an important feature.

Go look at my video in the meantime. I took 3 short videos and merged them together. Each time I did it I thought I was done but really wasn’t.

UPDATE: 6:50pm

Base on a suggestion by tech support, I decided I would have my phone re-provisioned (reset) using the new SIM Card. I also called tech support to discuss the next course of action. Basically, they wanted to kill my voicemail account entirely which would delete all my settings and messages. I told them to go ahead. After a shutdown and reboot of the phone, regular voicemail works but Visual Voicemail cannot be enabled after multiple attempts (and still trying). I was informed it can take up to 2 hours to be able to enable Visual Voicemail.


UPDATE: April 20, 2011

Everyone should know that I was hit again on Saturday, April 16.  That consistently makes it 4 weekends in a row. This time around, we did a full factory reset. There was a partial backup but I still had to re-download all the applications.  I told Tech Support it would be my full intention to have them get me another phone AND to ask for another credit. Each call I make I specifically ask for my account to be updated with good notes so that there is a history file of info.

To date, I have lost a total of about 7 hours. Each incident costs me about 1.5 to 2 hours in aggravation time and they are going to have to start compensating me for my time between dealing with my lost messages, calling TMobile, and then fooling around to try to fix the problem. The $30 credit was enough to cover the first two incidents but not enough for 4 incidents now.

I am truly hoping there isn’t a 5th weekend in a row. But if there is, everyone will know through this blog post which is starting to catch some traction.


UPDATE: April 28, 2011

I am happy to report that the weekly weekend cycle of getting Visual Voicemail error messages on my MyTouch 4g appears to have been broken. Essentially, doing a factory reset cleared everything I had installed. This time around I was much more selective in installing only applications I needed and that had a high reputation. I am satisfied for the moment although I did have to reboot my phone once to clear anan unrelated quirky error where I would see two different overlapping screens at the same time. Weird.


  1. I have had the same problem 3 or 4 times over the past few months.

    It is highly annoying. So much for the capability to “save important voicemails” 🙁

    (I bet it happens to a lot of people and they don’t think to do anything about it.)

  2. I got hit by this bug this morning … it seems to have deleted 2/3 of my saved messages, including some from a family member who has since passed away.

    Although the T-mobile CSR I spoke with was sympathetic, she said that there is no known problem. She didn’t offer a credit and frankly I don’t see how one would have helped my heartbreak over the permanently-missing messages.

    I asked the CSR to disable VVM; I don’t want to risk this again.

    It would have been nice if there were a warning that the VVM app is prone to doing this. I would never have used it if I had known this could happen.

  3. This had happened to me atleast 4 times since i have had my phone. and it is VEEERRYYYY frustrating. I had voicemails from my baby boy that was left on my phone (about 5 to be exact) that are now GONE. I didnt think to call but knowing that this is a problem quite a few people have ill be giving them a call as soon as i get off of work.

  4. I joined this site just to comment. I purchased a LG Optimus 739 and it worked fine after 12 failed phones from T-Mobile. I finally get a phone $500.00 later and it works!!! Then T-Mobile does a software update while Iwas sleeping. Then Google does. TALK change and my phone crashes and only boots up in safe mode . Google &T-Mobile. do not want to give tech support because they dont know how. Results, I,mscrewed!!! Rgainor. Now what, they say a data reset!!!.