Compliment Letter for Holly Bonderson of American Classifieds

I wrote this customer testimonial letter for Holly Bonderson of American Classifieds in May 2009. To this very day even though we don’t advertise much, she still checks in with us.


To Whom It May Concern:

I first became acquainted with Holly a few years ago when she first worked at the customer service desk at American Classifieds. During this time I worked with another Sales Representative and became disenchanted because of inconsistent service and sloppy work where he made mistakes on our ads.

During this time, Holly was promoted to a Sales Representative and I was recommended to her.  I specifically asked for someone who was going to be competent as a replacement because we were regular advertisers of American Classifieds and needed reliable service.  The office recommended Holly for our account.

I am happy to say Holly has been and continues to be a delight to work with.  She is conscientious, competent, and mindful in her care of our account. She makes my life so easy with her pleasant, easy demeanor.  She is diligent in her weekly email reminders that I do not miss deadlines because every week passes by so quickly.

Even when I occasionally forget the email reminder, she makes a friendly reminder phone call to me personally.  I often regard her as my “right hand” person when it comes to ensuring that my advertising requirements through the American Classifieds are properly executed.

For the foreseeable future, I want Holly to continue being our Sales Representative.  And if anyone at her office ever decided to take her off of our account, I can honestly say I would quickly become unhappy by such a decision.

Holly is truly a credit and valuable asset to American Classifieds. I highly recommend her to more demanding clients that need a friendly and capable Sales Representative to handle and care for their account.


Matthew Chan

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