Identity Theft for Domain Name:

I was sent an email by GoDaddy concerning verification of contact information for the domain There were two peculiar things that stood out for me.

#1) I am not a GoDaddy customer and have no domains with them.
#2) I don’t recognize or know anything about the domain

In all 10+ years I have registered domains for myself and others, never have I seen or heard of a case where someone else’s name would intentionally be used as the Registrant or Administrative Contact. I can only assume that the person who registered was up to no good and want to disavow any association with the domain.  And for some reason, my name, email address, and phone number were listed for the Registrant, Administrative Contact, and Technical Contact.

I called GoDaddy to let them know that I had no association whatsoever to that domain name and that I wanted my name removed or have th domain canceled. I also set them an email with this complaint.

Not wanting to entirely rely on GoDaddy, I went to the ICANN website and filed a complaint against that domain specifying incorrect name/identity, email address, and phone number. In the comment section, I stated I was Matthew Chan and that all the information relating to the respective fields should NOT have me listed at all!

It is my hopes that this domain gets canceled very soon. It is very strange to have someone use my identity and list it for their domain. From what I can tell, my name or reputation has not been damaged by it, nor have I heard any complaints relating to

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