Bettie Corbin Tucker’s Book Review of “The Intrepid Way”

The Intrepid WayThis well-written book review was based on the 2004 Edition of “The Intrepid Way”.  That book has since been updated to the 2006 Revised Edition.  Needless to say, I was extremely flattered by this review below.

As a person with an entrepreneurial spirit and, sometimes, unconventional wisdom, I was not disappointed in reading The Intrepid Way by Matthew S. Chan. In reading the book I used my yellow highlighter to mark important passages; however, I soon realized that I was highlighting most of the book.  Every chapter contained information that kept my eyes literally glued to the pages as the concept of “personal freedom” was explained in a way that was easy to understand, it made sense.  No, it isn’t a “get-rich-quick” book filled with dull facts and figures; instead, it is a personalized story as told by the author who lived it. After ten years of selling his employable skills to the corporate world, Matthew Chan decided he wanted more out of life and took the necessary steps to bring this about. He wanted a lifestyle that gave him monetary freedom as well as time freedom.

 In the introduction of The Intrepid Way, the author shares how two individuals made him see that he had something important to say that would benefit others; they helped him feel comfortable in regard to his qualifications for writing this book. Mr. Chan understood that other people wanted what he had obtained freedom from the daily grind associated with being, more or less, owned by an employer.  He allows readers to follow him on his journey as he takes risks and defies conventional wisdom by walking away from a high-paying job with all its security perks to become a successful entrepreneur with layers of streaming income that provide him the means to live as he chooses.  His formula for personal freedom is:  Personal Freedom=Monetary Freedom+Time Freedom. This formula isn’t complicated and is realistic for individuals who truly want to change their lives . . . perhaps even take them back by straying from the entrapment of conventional thinking.

 I found the chapter on Financial Fundamentals to be a refresher course on the accounting practices that are taught in most colleges.  For the most part, the author ignores formal practices, defining assets and liabilities in a clear, concise way that readers will understand and appreciate.  He emphasizes that most colleges focus on teaching students to become employed rather than becoming entrepreneurs. 

 When I finished reading the book, I found myself wishing that the author had gone into more depth in explaining his sources of streaming income; in other words I wanted to know exactly how he made his money whether in real estate, selling on eBay, publishing books, or investing.  Though I realize every individual will have to create his or her own layers of income, depending on skills and interests, I was hungry for more knowledge from the teacher for more details. However, when I went to visit his web sites at and, I discovered other books that provide some of this information.  

 If you like the thought of being in charge of your own life even enjoying little things such as sleeping in as late as you desire and traveling anywhere at any given time then consider this a must-read book. It covers a great deal of material, including the importance of personal support networks and how to utilize business networks.  The Intrepid Way is about a journey that requires you to take a first step so that you can eventually create the perpetual or continuous wealth that you seek.  It isn’t about being rich; it is about lifestyle choice! Remember the formula: Personal Freedom=Monetary Freedom+Time Freedom.

Bettie Corbin Tucker
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