Unsolicited Email Regarding Cobra Collection Agency

I received an unsolicited email today from Jennifer, an office manager based in Sumner, GA.  Her company is the latest victims of Janice Ledden and Cobra Collection Agency.  It appears she Google searched Cobra and found my blog report.  I spoke to Jennifer earlier today and received permission to share her information.  Jennifer provided me information to follow-up with our local Better Business Bureau (BBB).

As I suspected, my company and I are not the only victims of this crooked collection agency.  I knew victims would eventually want to start looking for ways to take action against Cobra Collection Agency. 

Essentially, all anyone has to do is contact the Better Business Bureau in Columbus, GA to submit a complaint.  If you do a search on “Cobra Collections”, you will find all the contact information made available to the general public.

 It would appears that they confirm the address as:  3500 University Ave, Suite 4, Columbus GA 31907.  I placed a link to the Google map for anyone who wants to visit them personally.

The latest phone and FAX numbers (which were previously unknown to me) are: 706.562.2343 and 706.562.2347 respectively.  It appears I was correct in my last post.  They changed their phone numbers.  I suspect their old phone lines were simply getting “too popular”.  Imagine that.

Because I foresee more updates from various people coming out of the woodwork, I have created a new Category just for Cobra Collections Agency on this blog.  I truly hate dwelling on the negativity of it all.  But I cannot stand idly by and do nothing when it is in my power to help the situation.  By comparison, I have lost relatively little money compared to the reports coming in.

Up to this point, I have kept my personal opinions to a minimum.  But as more information comes in, I will be providing more insights as to what I think is happening.  For now, I will continue collecting and reporting information for my fellow business community members in Columbus, GA and Phenix City, AL.

 Update:  For the latest information, visit The Cobra Collection Agency Scam website.



    I unfortunately last year had Cobra Collections to work some delinquent accounts of mine.  You can only guess what has happened.  They have collected my monies and I in return have got nothing.  I am now going through my accounts and getting them to get me all the cleared checks so I can pursue a suit against this company.  I did make a call into a Nicole Dickerson at the attorneys number you had listed on your site.  I just wanted to say thank you for listing this info.  I would not have had any other way of knowing who to call.  I have been on the phone with the BBB and they have been very helpful.  I also wanted to give you COBRAS new number.  I have not called them because I didn’t want to scare them into changing there number again until I can get all my info together.  For your info 706-562-2343.  I may not be able to get any of my money out of them but I would like to let them  know they cannot do this to people.


   Again, thank you so much for your blog.


Jennifer xxxxx (Last name & company name deleted intentionally)