O2 Media President/CEO Gerald Czarnecki Emails Letter to Me

Today, O2 Media President/CEO Gerald Czarnecki emailed me a PDF letter to voice his concerns of allegations and accusations against the company and business he works in.

However, my reporting on O2 Media has been relatively light and mostly indirect. Most of it was actually focused on “Incredible Discoveries”, not O2 Media itself.  What seems to be damaging to O2 Media are the apparent connections to “Incredible Discoveries”, earlier businesses, and companies through related parties that have many complaints and lawsuits.

It would seem they really want my “approval” and yet all I have done is accurately report on information I found, acquired, and corroborated:

  • Florida Division of Corporations
  • Broward County Clerk of Courts
  • CorporationWiki
  • Florida Attorney General’s Office
  • My phone interviews with various defendants
  • Google search engine research
  • Numerous email complaints and reports I have received
  • Email from O2 Media employee (jhc0615@aol.com)
  • Palm Beach Post newspaper story

Getting my “approval” would certainly not change the past or my informational findings. In my open response to Gerald Czarnecki, I recommended he look within his own organization to clear up any unhappiness that is occurring.