Cobra Collection Agency – Cease & Desist Order

Typically, I would not make a post of this kind here.  But seeing as I have found some information on Google which negatively associates me with Cobra Collection Agency of Columbus, GA, I must post a response that will also be Google-able (is that a word?) to offset that negative association.

I won’t get into lots of details here but I will reveal some undeniable and absolutely verifiable information.  But there are some things I want to make absolutely clear here. 

As of December 2006, I (as president of my corporation) issued a written Cease and Desist Order to Cobra Collection Agency that we did not want to utilize their collection services any longer (verifiable through a letter I wrote). 

After months of asking for reports and payments (absolutely verifiable through a series of emails and letters), it became too problematic to work with the owner, Janice Ledden, her staff, and firm any longer.  A bad working relationship had to end.

We finally did get a report and a check.  But then that check bounces (absolutely verifiable through a copy of the NSF check).  I have charged my law firm to collect from them.  Can you imagine that?  Collecting from a collections agency?  How ironic is that?  Time will tell if I will get any money from Cobra Collection Agency at all.  If not, I will consider it a valuable lesson learned indeed.

There was a time I was friendly with Cobra Collection Agency and I volunteered to register and set up a website called  I have no ownership or management interest in the company.  The only relationship I have with them is simply as an ex-client.  I have relinquished the domain back to the public.  I want nothing to do with it and regret registering it as it has been misinterpreted by others that I may have had an ownership or management interest in Cobra Collection Agency.  It is simply not true and not the case.

I have my suspicions and opinions of what is going on but I cannot publicly say it.  Nor is it really that important.  What is important to the public at large is that I issued a Cease and Desist Order in December 2006 and wished I had done it sooner.  Getting a NSF check from them only reinforced my thought that I did the right thing.

Update:  For the latest information, visit The Cobra Collections Agency Scam website.

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