Highly Suspicious of “Incredible Discoveries” $75,000 Fee

I had my final phone discussion with the folks with “Incredible Discoveries“.  It was a cordial discussion but my antenna was on and up high.

I did some Google research about “Incredible Discoveries” allegedly owned by Mark Alfieri since my first posting but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt.  I had also done some independent research on Google regarding the infomercial business and possible scams.

I repeatedly said that I really couldn’t see my products being in an infomercial but the guy I spoke to persisted, although he was polite.

In any case, I’ve had the benefit of knowing a couple of people who have done infomercials in years past and they never paid any fee.  They also had mixed results.  If someone believes in your product enough, I believe they will generally front production costs.

When the $75,000 fee was brought up, I knew the phone call was going to end very soon.  It was time to end the conversation.  I did tell them the truth regarding how I don’t trust most infomercial companies and I don’t see my products being sold by them.  It was pointless to talk anymore.

I am sure there are many uninformed entrepreneurs who so desperately want to sell their product by TV, they are willing to mortgage their house to do it.  I believe I can put to use my $75,000 much better than they can.

I would say to anyone before you fork over any large amount of money to a faceless person working for a company with a pretty website, you should check things out very carefully.  I am not accusing “Incredible Discoveries” of any wrong-doing because I do not know.  But I know when to cool my heels because I believe there is an abundance of opportunity in the world.  And I cannot see myself forking over $75,000 to anyone without my having a great deal of assurances and control.

Fair or not, I am staying far away from any company claiming to do infomercials.  It may be extreme and I may be throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  But it is the safe thing for me to do.  I need to keep my credibility high and not go down this very “icky” road.

I have no intentions of spending any more time talking to “Incredible Discoveries“.  They were polite and cordial and it was enlightening.  But they simply tried to sell a guy who really doesn’t care to be part of the infomercial industry.

For me, there are lots of ways to get on TV without going down that road.


The latest information can be found on The Incredible Discoveries Information Page.


  1. Dear Mr. Chan,

    I’m not related to “INCREDIBLE DISCOVERIES” in any way shape or form other than being in a DRTV campaign designed by ID to promote my product “*****”. When I first came in contact with them, they also ask me for $75.000 dollars for the “Test Campaign”, But I did not have the money for that! They kept calling me and at the end of the day I was offered a contract to launch my product! They do believe in certain markets and Stomacin-U is doing great thanks to their vision in regards to my product! The professionals working on my commercial helped me in ways that I never considered possible! So my experience was very positive with them!

  2. Thank you for your response and I am happy you have had a positive experience. I have deleted the product name as I do not allow product mentions without my approval.

    However, I do find it somewhat interesting that your posting here is coming on the same day the Incredible Discoveries contacted me about trying to post Robert Danoff’s alleged written retraction.

    Are you the President, CEO, or owner of the company? What is your full name?