ScanCafe Comes Through Again

I recently sent a batch of very old 110 and 126 negatives along with a variety of developed paper photographs collected over the years (some going back over 20+ years) to have them scanned and preserved digitally.  Many of my negatives and paper photos were showing signs of age and I decided I better do something about it while I could.

Once again, I used my favorite digital photo scanning vendor ScanCafe.  They have come a ways since I began using them a couple years ago.  They have gotten better at what they do and more efficient.

I am thrilled once again to experience a time warp visually reliving the moments those photos captured.  In many cases, it is a better experience to view them onscreen in high-resolution than to see them on small paper photos.

I have uploaded all of my digitally-taken and the scanned photos to my favorite online photo hosting service, SmugMug as a backup in case my computers die and/or I lose the photo DVDs.

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