The Investors Roundtable Ends in October 2007

After a nice respectable run which officially began in March 2007, the current incarnation of “The Investors Roundtable” will come to a conclusion in October 2007.

The Investors Roundtable” will go dormant for the rest of 2007 and very likely into mid-2008.  I may hold informal private meetings that will not be open to the public.  After that, I am not sure what will happen.  I do feel certain that “The Investors Roundtable” concept will be revived at a later date but will be structured and priced differently than it has been.

This decision was made for a couple of reasons.  One, the current group of beginning students have had “enough training” and it is time for them to make deals happen.  Second, I needed to free up some of my time and responsibilities as I try to finish up various projects I want completed in 2007 and lay the groundwork for 2008.

I am currently kicking around the idea of releasing and editing the videos on DVD format as every session has been recorded since we began.

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