University of Phoenix: Faculty Telephone Interview Questions

univ-of-phoenixDuring my faculty recruiting and application experience, most of the information you need regarding University of Phoenix’s Faculty Telephone Interview Questions comes from the Faculty Written Interview Questions.

It seems a bit strange that there would be repetition but I am guessing faculty recruiters want to hear how you verbally communicate to see if you speak and articulate well. Perhaps, they want to see if what you say is congruent and consistent with what you wrote in the written interview.

My bimbo faculty recruiter was Courtney Hopper who sounded out of breath during the reading of her script to me. There appears to be a loose script faculty recruiters have to follow and it was apparent that mine had done it at least 100 times before and she was just trying to get through it as quickly as possible. She told me that my interview would be around 30 minutes.  It was certainly a packed and fast-paced 30 minutes.

She claimed there would be time for me to ask questions but from the overall speed and tone of the telephone interview, it felt awkward to get too involved or ask too many questions. I also get the feeling they don’t welcome phone calls at all. They much prefer email communications.

As I stated, my telephone interview questions came from the written interview questions. Specifically, the questions that seemed most important to Courtney Hopper was:

  • How would you know if a student was overwhelmed and what would you do?
  • Give an example of how you have resolved a difference with a student/coworker/employee? Describe the steps you used to resolve the issue.
  • How would facilitating the attached course fit into your personal/professional goals?
  • Why do you want to teach at University of Phoenix? (something to that effect)

At the end of the telephone interview, Courtney Hopper did let on that she would be getting back with me within 2 days to let me know if I was invited to go forward in the process. Somehow, the way she said it, I took it in a positive way to expect a callback and invitation to move forward.

It turned out my instincts were right and she did call the following day to invite me to continue and I would be sent two more emails with instructions to follow which primarily consisted of registering myself within the University of Phoenix eCampus system using my newly-assigned IRN (Individual Record Number).

Once I registered myself, I was asked to input my academic and professional credentials and experience. Essentially, they wanted the contents of your resume in a standardize format within their system. Additionally, I was required to fill out an online application form with agreements to submit to an employment history check, criminal background check, and credit check.


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