Advanced Reader Comments: The Intrepid Way

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Knowing and working with Matthew has been a true inspiration that has changed my life. He has been the fuel that has sustained my entrepreneurial flame for the last few years now. He opened up my mind to The Intrepid Way lifestyle that I never knew existed. I was 22-years old looking forward to being 65 so I could finally retire like all the other people I worked with. Two years and many real estate transactions later, using the principles of The Intrepid Way, I am unemployable and looking to bring retirement a lot closer. Matthew has shown me the power of income layers and how it could buy me the most precious thing money could buy and that was my personal time!

Wes Weaver, Real Estate Investor
Columbus, GA


Finally, a book that gets to the heart of the matter! If you aren’t living the life of your dreams or reaching your goals, then who is responsible for making it happen? Only you! Clear and easy to understand, The Intrepid Way outlines the choices Matthew made and lessons he learned on the road to Personal Freedom. He shares his knowledge with you as a guide for anyone who is willing to step up to the plate and be responsible for designing their own life – the way that they want it to look!

Melita Hunt
Cary, NC


The Intrepid Way is a must read! I loved every chapter! Last night after the children were in bed, the one powerful lesson I learned from the book is the attainment of personal freedom. I loved it because many, many books out there will tell you all about financial freedom and how to gain that, but yours is the first to uncover the hidden motive behind most people’s drive for financial freedom in the first place… the attainment of true personal freedom.

Matthew has such a gift for saying things in a relevant, easy to understand manner. Whether you are currently an active entrepreneur or just beginning your journey to discover the entrepreneurial spirit that lies within yourself, The Intrepid Way is for you!

Christi Williams
Houston, TX


Matthew Chan has given us a brilliant blueprint for a life worth living. The Intrepid Way provokes, inspires, and challenges us to truthfully examine our often-times unexamined life. He demonstrates through his own personal experience, keen intuitive insights, and observations how each of us can attain the greatest of freedoms with the greatest efficiency: personal freedom, financial freedom, spiritual freedom, and the most precious of all, time freedom. Matthew is a man who boldly walks his talk. Whether you’re hungry for subtle distinctions or massive change in your life, do yourself a favor and devour this book. The Intrepid Way is a true gift to the world.

Dean Edelson, President
Elysium Investment Group
Sedona, AZ


Superb, thought-provoking! Matthew challenges conventional wisdom as only he can. By giving us a peek into his own personal challenges, trials, and triumphs, Matthew allows us a rare look into what it takes to live a life being true to yourself and following your dreams.

However, I feel the greatest gift he has given in this book is the gift of his psychology. Chapter 6 of this book is worth the price of the book alone. Incorporating these principles has helped my business more than anything else I have done. The Intrepid Way gives you all the tools to begin the journey of living the life you only dreamed was possible before.

Troy Arment, Real Estate Entrepreneur
Wichita, KS


Is “The Intrepid Way” for you? I have known Matthew for several years and this book speaks volumes about the passion he has for others to live a life of Personal Freedom. It is a must read for anyone interested in challenging their beliefs and emotions with unconventional wisdom. Matthew leads the way for anyone to have the Time Freedom and Monetary Freedom they desire. Thank you Matthew!

Marleen Geyen
Author of “University Wealth”
Minneapolis, MN


If you’re ready for paradigm shifts, read this book! In his book The Intrepid Way, Matthew stresses the importance of creating goodwill in business and continues to walk his talk by using his excellent skills to empower others. I’m always looking for new ideas, new distinctions, and different ways of looking at familiar concepts. If you are too, then I highly recommend The Intrepid Way. Read the book if you want to grow your business and deepen your financial education! Your mind will thank you!

Will Brooks, Business Entrepreneur
Fayetteville, NC