Incredible Discoveries Lawsuit against Bob Danoff – Part 2

This is Part 2 of my commentary of the case of Immediate Capital Group Inc. dba Incredible Discoveries vs. Robert Danoff (filed in the District Court of Palm Beach County, Florida.


In looking over the Plaintiff’s Petition, I tried to keep an objective eye and see it from Immediate Capital Group dba Incredible Discoveries (ICG) point of view but it is difficult because I have such differing opinions and philosophy of doing business.

And I have to say, if ICG is a legitimate business as they claim, it strikes to me they are being a bit paranoid and pointing out things that, in my opinion, are very weak.

In reviewing the points ICG made, these are my impressions.

Point 2 – ICG appears to be playing the sympathy card by phrasing their employees as “50 Florida residents…. with their families.” Well, how are they different from any other company that have layoffs, downsizes, or goes out of business? Very few people talk about the family situations and it is not really relevant to the case. It is a sympathy play.

Point 3 – There is probably some truth to Bob Danoff being a disgruntled, former employee that happens to know how to use the Internet. However, it is a bit melodramatic to believe that any one disgruntled employee can bring down an entire company and business. If that is in fact the case, you have to wonder about how strong and solid the business was to begin with.

Having dealt first-hand with the Cobra Collection Scam, people give me credit for helping them shut down. And yet, it really wasn’t me alone. It was the waves of angry, disgusted, and frustrated ex-employees, ex-clients, and ex-debtors that came out and rallied around the website I had created. Likewise, I don’t think Bob is that “powerful” by himself. There has to be a lot of negative karma going on for Bob to have any real power as was the case with the Cobra Collection Scam. There was so much negative karma going on, it hit a boiling point. Is there negative karma going on with ICG / Incredible Discoveries? I simply don’t know.

Point 4 – There are negative comments for almost every established company and product in the Google search engine. There are also disgruntled employees in every company that has been in business any number of years. I have negative reviews on my books but that does not put my publishing company out of business. I have unhappy ex-tenants whom I evicted, sued, and garnished for non-payment. I also have some people who I have fired who might be unhappy with me.

Fundamentally, no one can please 100% of the people but I strive to run my business well. That goodwill and success more than offsets the small number of complaints I get from customers or ex-employees. I also issue credit or refunds if I need to unhappy customers. What I do is no different than what most reputable businesses do. But most companies will not be brought down by this small amount of negative karma. How can Bob’s lone comments (if any) on Google bring any one company down? Give me a break. If ICG has truly been damaged, they need to look elsewhere and not a scapegoat.

Point 5 – ICG is upset with Bob for asking for legal assistance on the Internet. So what? Asking does not mean he will get it. And if he does get the help he wants, we have to assume that Bob and the attorney agreed to it. If ICG is afraid of being perceived as litigious, then maybe they should stop suing so much.

Personally, I don’t mind having the reputation of being a bit litigious. It tells people I am not goofing around when I do business. If you do wrong by me, I will not sit back and be silent. I have sued and will continue to sue if it is absolutely necessary. I also do not like going to court but I do what is necessary to protect our interests.

In browsing through the Broward County Courthouse records searching “Incredible Discoveries” and “Immediate Capital Group”, ICG does seem to indicate they do sue a fair amount of people. But then again, so do we. We have successfully sued lots of deadbeat tenants and we win all our cases. It does not hurt our feelings that if it our newer tenants know we will sue anyone who does not pay. It keeps the deadbeat types away and the others in line.

Last thing, ICG wants to go after Bob because he does not want to list his home phone or cell phone publicly on the Internet? How ridiculous is that? If I was a private citizen and did not have a business, the only way I would want incoming communication is email. Giving out your personal phone number is too risky today. Too many kooks on the Internet. And who wants strangers to burn up their cell phone minutes or fill up their voicemails with junk? Certainly, not me.

Point 6 – I have nothing to say on that as I cannot even find Bob’s Myspace page. I am a pretty good Google user and I couldn’t find it. Again, I think ICG is being a bit paranoid here. Besides, who would seriously pay attention to the content on most Myspace pages?  I have seen many Myspace pages.  They are either goofy personal stuff or blatant advertisements.

Point 7 – This is the one most relevant to me as parts of my blog are being used as a court Exhibit. I do take exception to this as ICG never asked my permission to reprint the contents of my blog for use besides personal reading.  Do they not know that the contents of my blog is copyrighted?

ICG is most focused on the comment by “AndJusticeForSome”. ICG has clearly made the wrong assumption on the true identity of “AndJusticeForSome”. I know for a fact it is not Bob. It is a woman who contacted me through private email. And if it is Bob, he is one hell of an actor capable of a gender change. I have also compared the writing styles of Bob’s public articles and “Justice”. “Justice” writes very well. Bob simply writes adequately on the articles I have seen.

Points 8 to 11 – I have no specific comments on these items.

Bottom line: I think that ICG just needs to let this case go. They are spending way too much time and energy over one ex-employee that I believe has marginal impact on the world at large.  If ICG is supposedly as successful as they claim, one disgruntled employee should not be able to bring them down. They are being paranoid. And if one disgruntled employee can bring their business down, they need to see what is wrong with their business model and operations that is so vulnerable to a “few” customer complaints and negative comments.


The latest information can be found on The Incredible Discoveries Information Page.


  1. Matthew, let me ask you something: How “disgruntled” would YOU be, if a former employer of yours coerced a former co-worker into lying under oath, in order to support an action “allegedly” based upon violation of a non-compete clause ? That’s just what happened to Bob Danoff. It’s not Bob, who will bring them down, or even me for that matter (if these people are egotistical and foolish enough not to acknowledge a “checkmate” when they see one) based upon corroborative testimony. It will be the words of the victims themselves, which will do no more than simply describe how these people conducted business with them under the guise of “direct response television production companies.” In other words, they will be brought down by their own past, by actions of their own doing.

    ICG claims to employ 50 people now who depend upon its’ revenue to support their families ? How many of those 50, I wonder, know just what kind of people and what kind of company they work for. When I worked for these people, who then called themselves “Intermedia Marketing Solutions” dba “Tricom Pictures” and “National Shopping Club” among others. I’ve been informed that ICG claims in a petition filed for temporary injunction by their attorney, that “Danoff’s” post as “And Justice For Some” “incorrectly states that they’ve operated under a number of different business names and harmed scores of businesses.” I’ve provided information from, Florida Public Record, that clearly supports my COMPLETELY FACTUAL STATEMENTS AS TO THESE PEOPLE. I can’t understand how counsel for ICG would make this statement, since she was directly associated with the formation of many of these companies.

    LIES. A one-word summation of ICG’s contrived cases against Danoff. That is precisely why it’s long past time for it to be put to rest. Danoff’s been put through enough, and it’s time that he’s “made whole”again. The distress he’s suffered should be enough to satisfy an egotistical plaintiffs quest for revenge.

    I’ll repeat: These people claim to be Christians. Whatever happened to “vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.” SHAME ON ICG INDEED.

    Filing Information
    Document Number F01000004187
    FEI Number 880382813
    Date Filed 08/06/2001
    Mailing Address
    Officer/Director Detail
    Name & Address
    Title PTD
    Title SC
    Title D
    SAPBELL, DOUG – {This is a typo, as it’s “Campbell”}
    2001 W. SAMPLE

    Filing Information
    Document Number P94000050789
    FEI Number 650563030
    Date Filed 07/05/1994
    Principal Address
    2001 W. SAMPLE RD., STE. 101
    Registered Agent Name & Address
    2001 W. SAMPLE RD.
    SUITE #101
    Officer/Director Detail
    Name & Address
    Title D
    2001 W. SAMPLE RD., STE. 101
    Title D
    2001 W. SAMPLE RD., STE. 101

    Florida Profit Corporation
    Filing Information
    Document Number K88304
    FEI Number 650120328
    Date Filed 05/15/1989
    State FL
    Principal Address
    3850 N POWERLINE RD STE 111
    Registered Agent Name & Address
    2001 W SAMPLE RD
    STE 101
    Name Changed: 08/13/2001
    Address Changed: 08/13/2001
    Officer/Director Detail
    Name & Address
    Title P

    Florida Profit Corporation
    Filing Information
    Document Number S97147
    FEI Number 593099845
    Date Filed 11/27/1991
    State FL
    Status ACTIVE
    Officer/Director Detail
    Name & Address
    Title S
    6574 N STATE RD 7 #282

    Florida Profit Corporation
    Filing Information
    Document Number P99000032801
    FEI Number 650912134
    Date Filed 04/06/1999
    State FL
    Registered Agent Name & Address
    2001 W. SAMPLE RD., #101
    Name Changed: 08/13/2001
    Address Changed: 08/13/2001
    Officer/Director Detail
    Name & Address
    Title D

  2. Justice,

    I had an appointment with a Senior Partner of the law firm we use on an entirely different matter. He told me that “Telling the truth is an absolute defense”. Basically, telling opinions is ok but it is much more powerful when you provide irrefutable data to support it. It often tells its own story.

    The biggest lesson I learned in busting the Columbus GA-based Cobra Collection Scam is someone simply needs to be willing to be a collector and gatherer of information. Never violate people’s requests for anonymity. When people trust you, all kinds of people start submitting information.

    Revealing Information to the public is often more damaging than any lawsuit anyone can file. Attempts to squash the truth often backfires as there is no way to contain it in the world of the Internet.

    This works both ways. If a person or company is wrongfully accused, there should be lots of loyal employees and customers coming to their defense. I know when I have been “attacked”, it has been relatively easy to assemble a “team” of vocal supporters, defenders, and professional assistance. Not everything is about spending money. People want to help those they like or help protect the innocent or helpless. It is human nature.

    Karma has a way of sorting things out over time. I have no axe to grind with ICG or Incredible Discoveries. Nothing bad happened and there was no damaging experience for me. But I am interested to see what comes out. There does appear to be some things in the search engines bubbling about. I wonder who will step up to assemble information and act as a trusted central point. (NO! I am not volunteering for this!)

    In any case, the data you have shared appears to partially support some statements made about ICG having multiple corporate entitities. Thanks for your comments.


  3. Matthew,

    From a strictly legal perspective, I’m going to dissect ID’s most recent “petition” against Bob Danoff:

    * ID claims that Danoff’s postings during the year 2007 have been “strictly designed to impair ID’s relationship with its’ clients.” Since I know first hand how these people operate, I’ll have to take that to mean that ID takes offense to Bob telling the truth about them, and object to the “audacity” this man has to utilize the internet to disseminate facts about them to the General Public. They like to throw the word “disgruntled” around, although they know full well that had THEY not filed suit against Danoff for “breach of the non-compete clause” {by virtue of the perjurous testimony of two ID employees at ID’s behest, no less}, he would not have been put in the position to have to defend himself against their FALSE allegations, by using their own past against them to portray them as less than credible (and less than INCREDIBLE as well).

    * ID would have you think that they’re the ONLY production company whose prospective clients research on the internet. Just another example of how this entire petition is a clear attempt to insult the intelligence of the reader. This claim that if “Danoff” has negative postings about them online, they will be “invariably” viewed, and this and this alone will “perhaps” dissuade them from doing business with them, is pure paranoia. First of all, Danoff isn’t the only person out there posting to the internet and secondly, he isn’t the only one whose ever had anything bad to say about ID. Wendi Friesen had posted for some time about this company, until they wised up and “found a way to put an end to it.” Wendi never worked for them, so she never had any contact with others who worked for them, nor did she have the names of many manufacturers victimized by them. In other words, she wasn’t NEARLY as dangerous as Bob Danoff is, although I think they’re just realizing that about now……..

    * Reference has been made to some MySpace account, that is supposed to be “invariably” (there’s that word again) linked to any “Google” of ID. Not so. You were unable to find it as was I. This is the first I’ve heard of MySpace as it pertains to Danoff. Ms. Friesen was the only was I was aware of with a MySpace page.

    *ID had the nerve to accuse Bob of using his wife’s medical condition (Lupus) as a “masking agent” to his “true intentions.” This is a low blow, even for them, and is not even worth the dignity of a reply.

    *As to the posting their petiton refers to as “egregious”, as you pointed out, truth is an ABSOLUTE defense to a (trumped up) charge of defamation. Each and every negative FACT posted about this company on the internet, whether on Rip Off report or elsewhere, is 100% accurate, and emanates soley from the conduct of the individuals referenced. Their nonsensical claim that “Danoff’s internet campaign” has impaired their revenue and harmed their reputation is just that – nonsense. Like myself, Danoff can only speak from the perspective of an “insider” who discovered the fraudulent nature of the operation of the “Tricom” short-form DR companies. What would the results be if the MANUFACTURERS who never had commercials aired and never sold one item on television (after shelling out a hefty vendor fee) posted the FACTS of their dealings on “the net” ? These adverse “references” would be what would (and should) harm their reputation and impede revenue generation. If it were just Danoff who posted in the negative and even a few or several companies who posted in the POSITIVE, would-be clients would weigh out the pros and cons and decide accordingly.

    *ID claims that Danoff’s activities are “not in the public interest.” This claim is patently absurd. Like me, Danoff knows how these people operate. Out of the dozen or so companies I worked with, NOT ONE had a commerical air or a product sell on TV. Accordingly, can I understand how someone like Danoff would want to WARN others not to end up in the same situation ? Of course I can ! Rather than being subject to punitive measures the way this man HAS BEEN, he should receive a COMMENDATION for his PUBLIC SERVICE !!

    *I had to laugh out loud at the claim (prefaced by the words “In fact” when fact has NOTHING to do with it) that it’s DANOFF’S “course of deceptive conduct” that has “marginalized the public interest.” Gee, I can come up with the names of AT LEAST a dozen people who will define “deceptive conduct” as doing something like, oh let’s say “agreeing to air a short-form direct-response television commercial at least 300 times in the top “DMA’s” (demographic marketing areas, since I still remember the “lingo” from the “pitch”), only to not air anything and fail to produce affidavits of airings upon request). You mean THAT kind of deceptive conduct ? Or is it that perception has become so skewed that FACT is FICTION and FICTION FACT ? Hmmmm……..

    *ID claims to have “no remedy at law”. Well, I’d have to say that this is TRUE, since they AREN’T ENTITLED TO REMEDY. It’s Bob Danoff who is entitled to remedy, as he’s the one who has been wronged. ID claims that their latest petition will cause Danoff to “suffer absolutely no injury.” Well, I guess that losing his job at the other production company after they were either sued by ID or threatened with suit, as well as having a significant fine levied against him unjustly (for doing nothing more than defending himself against malicious and false allegations) isn’t considered “harmful” to these people. That’s disgraceful. They know the types of medical expenses he’s incurred and they know he can’t afford a lawyer to defend against them. That’s why they sued, but what they did NOT count on, is people coming forward with the TRUTH.

    ID wants the Court to resolve their dispute with Danoff. So do I. I want the court to have a clear picture of just what went on. I want them to know HOW the actions began, I want them to know just WHO said WHAT on the stand and WHY, and I want them to have as much information as possible, much of which is a MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD as to ID and its’ principals, so that said resolution will be based upon FACT and not FALSITY, as all of the claims put forth to date against Danoff by ID constitute.

    IF, and this is a MAJOR IF at this juncture, since I predict that this matter will come to an EXPEDIENT RESOLUTION (in order to save the “court” from having to adjudicate, of course) outside of Court these civil process abuses against Danoff continue to be protracted by the Plaintiff, than the court as well as this wrongly accused defendant deserve no less than to have FACTS presented. It is FACT and nothing else that will vindicate Danoff. The only question remains is at what point will damage control be instituted, so that a “new leaf” can be turned over by the plaintiffs who claim that they don’t want to “let their 50 employees down” ?

    Let me clarify something here – I did not “partially” support the FACT that the principals of ID have done business under multiple entities – I merely provided PARTIAL information, as time did not permit me to provide the rest. I simply and easily pointed out that it is public record that will underscore FACT, so their association with these entities should never have been disclaimed to begin with. They’ve just been snagged in yet another LIE.

  4. Hello Matthew,

    In anticipation of possibly utilizing the internet the way you did to have Cobra Collection SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY, I must say that the internet is a more powerful tool than I thought, for use in disseminating the truth to the General Public.

    In response to your prior communication with me, I actually would have no problem whatsoever being the one to SPEARHEAD such a campaign, especially since I still have this UNSETTLED feeling that should have been remedied by now.

    Since “A” word to the wise is sufficient, a couple of PARAGRAPHS to the ARROGANT, should get the message across quite clearly. I most certainly can reprise your success with Cobra….should that become necessary.

  5. Matthew,

    I thought you would be interested in an update on this incredibly inane case against Bob Danoff.

    The most important fact to point out is that Judges don’t like Pro Se defendants, as this point has been inequitably hammered home to Danoff in the Florida courts.

    It’s important to also note as to the nature of these Plaintiffs from INCREDIBLE DISCOVERIES, that they deliberately go after people they know are unable to afford counsel. Another former employee of this Tricom group contacted me in the Winter of 2004, asking for my assistance with regard to assailing the non-existent credibility of the principals of Incredible Discovery. It seems they had brought a non-compete action against her, for doing no more than trying to find employment with a REPUTABLE company in the “direct response television” industry. As with Danoff, these people knew full well that this woman could not afford an attorney, as she did not own a car and was living “from place to place” on a temporary sublet basis.

    Only true cowards go after the weak, but even the most arrogant of cowards can be taken down by the truth.

    So, Incredible Discoveries calls Bob Danoff “savvy,” do they ? Actually, he isn’t a savvy type of guy at all, and they know it. Instead, he’s a nice guy who is easily rattled and also impulsive. I have no idea why this particular Judge decided to make such a big issue of a non-issue, but he zeroed in on Danoff for not publishing his phone number in the context of an internet posting seeking legal representation, and instead providing a non-working number for one of the Plaintiffs “alias companies.” He wouldn’t even allow Danoff to speak, claiming that just because of this, he “could not be trusted.” That doesn’t sound anywhere near “equitable” to me…..

    Gee, if that’s how the Judge felt about something as trivial as that, I wonder what his reaction would be at the juncture where he had no choice but to comment on the FACT that counsel for the Plaintiff is the SAME INDIVIDUAL who is on public record as the REGISTERED AGENT, for business entities she CLAIMED IN A COURT DOCUMENT AS “FACT” that her clients, the Plaintiffs, never did business under ? Would he have to conclude that it is this woman and her clients that truly cannot be trusted ? In a word: YES.

    So Danoff wouldn’t publish his number on the internet. Big deal. Neither would I, and neither would anyone who didn’t want to leave themselves wide open for the “867-5309” kind of response that song received when it hit the airwaves.

    Can these Plaintiffs get a Judge to enjoin Danoff from posting the truth about them on the internet ? Possibly, but since Danoff is nowhere near the only one who knows the truth about them, they’ll win the small battles, but THEY WILL LOSE THE WAR.

    Perhaps it’s time to put forth a concerted effort to marshal together the manufactureres who were VICTIMIZED by the plaintiffs here, whether under the name INCREDIBLE DISCOVERIES, TRICOM, PARK BENCH, NATIONAL SHOPPING CLUB, GREAT BUYS, BUYERS SHOPPING NETWORK, SITE2SHOP, HISPANIC DIRECT, and so on and so on and so on !

    I know of about a dozen companies myself who were ripped off by these people, and others with whom I am still in touch, know of even more. The TRUTH NEEDS TO COME OUT IN ITS’ ENTIRELY, and I think it’s long past time that these people be provided with a forum, for others to use as a FRAME OF REFERENCE, when deciding on “partnering” with a televison marketing company.

    You know something Matthew ? I’m beginning to think that maybe I’ve got these Plaintiffs all wrong. Perhaps they’ve had an attack of conscience and REALLY WANT to be put out of business, in order to prevent any more companies from being ripped off by them. As Martin Luther King once said, THE TRUTH SHALL SET THEM FREE !

    Until the wrong done to Danoff is made right, those of us who are not “ethically challenged” will just keep disseminating the truth in a manner like Emeril would say will “kick it up a notch” !

    The term BACKFIRE comes to mind, but arrogance does have its’ PRICE.

    Keep it up folks !!

  6. Hello Justice,

    The Internet can be a powerful tool but you have to be responsible and highly credible.

    I have learned a lot in helping bust the scam that was known as the Cobra Collection scam. There were some rules and guidelines I followed to roll it out. Some were pre-planned and done in a methodical way. Other rules I learned as it unfolded.

    The one thing you understand is that the TRUTH is always very hard to conceal and contain for any extended period of time. The trick is to let time be on your side and be patient. People all come out in their own time, in their own way. Some people will step out in a very public way. Others will report in anonymously. Either way, any information gathered helps the cause.

    Whatever you do, just present the facts and reports from various people. People are smart and can figure things out when the information has been assembled for them on a silver platter. It is very hard to refute when it sits in a single web page or single website.

    Always work as a team, don’t work solo. Solo acts don’t stand a chance. Surround yourself with very reputable and credible people. Keep the losers and liars out. I don’t recommend fighting if you don’t have to but sometimes, in life, you get dragged into it.

    Matthew Chan

  7. Hello Matthew,

    This is a classic case of Good v. Evil. As is always the case with “good,” the truth and supporting facts are on our side. I most certainly am part of a team, albeit a team established late in the game from the perspective of manufacturers who have had little recourse after having been defrauded by the principals of “Incredible Discoveries.” For these people, it matters little what they call themselves today, or what they may have also been known by at the time THEY LOST MONEY. Better late than never, I’d like to think, as the momentum is building against these people.

    I dragged myself into this simply because I knew too much. How fair would it have been for Incredible Discoveries to get away with having an employee LIE UNDER OATH, and wrongly accuse a man of doing something that was never done ? Bob Danoff never solicited ANYONE to go with him after leaving Incredible Discoveries. I was there and I saw what happened. It was the employee-turned-witness who pitched for a new job, and yet he testified a LIE. The other “witness” was a man with a long standing history of drug use, but I’m sure a Judge wasn’t told about that. This man lied because he could ill afford to lose his job too.

    The facts are being presented daily, and to more and more people. The Florida Bar Association will soon be presented with a claim by counsel for Incredible Discoveries, that its’ principals never did business under another name. Along with that, they will be provided with public records for SunBiz that show that this same attorney acted as registered agent for the trade names she claims her clients never operated under. The question will then be posed as to possible bar sanctions.

    The message here is clear. Bad can only push Good SO FAR, until Good pushes back. They know what needs to be done, and if they fail to comply, they risk going the same way that the Cobra Collection scam did. It’s as simple as that, Matthew. I’m both amazed and amused by the arrogance of these people, but their delay simply means that the meter is still running. How far THEY CHOOSE to allow it to run is entirely UP TO THEM. As for me, I’ll just keep providing the truth until said truth ends up doing them in. As you full well know Matthew, there are people out there who fight the good fight. “At the end of the day,” the losers and the liars LOSE.



    I’m happy to inform you that a Florida court did NOT enjoin Robert Danoff from posting FACT about INCREDIBLE DISCOVERIES on the internet, or anywhere else for that matter. Accordingly, measures have been stepped UP to get the FACTS out about this disreputable bunch, to a wide radius of interested entities.

    Despite this most recent and MAJOR legal setback, the CEO of INCREDIBLE still fancies himself to be a bit of a WISE GUY. His lawyer’s LACKEY quite foolishly “proposed” a settlement agreement to Danoff, basically amounting to an offer ANYONE could refuse. True to the form of his clients, this lowlife legal beagle lapdog for INCREDIBLE DISCOVERIES, tried using Danoff’s wife medical condition of Lupus, to try to jam him into agreeing to “settle” in the name of “resolution.” Instead, the wiseguy wannabe shown to be garmentless Emperor, had much more exposed than he ever counted on.

    INCREDIBLE DISCOVERIES’ “settlement offer” consisted of Danoff paying not only ALL of ID’s legal fees (accrued the result of the frivolous lawsuits filed against him), but payment of the filing fees for dismissal as well! In return for ID’s “magnanamous” gesture of “temporarily suspending” litigation, the pompous proprietor of INCREDIBLE DISCOVERIES put together a “statement” that he actually expected Danoff to post on the internet. Amazingly enough, not only did this statement contain an apology BY Danoff (rather than an apology TO him), it had him taking credit for information he wasn’t even responsible for, expecting him to retract not only that FACTUAL INFORMATION, but other FACTUAL INFORMATION Danoff did provide about them. Completely absurd.

    Anyone who worked for this King of Kons and his Kronies, would be amused by this LACKEY lawyer instructing Danoff to “immediately sign the agreement and fax it back.” Gee, that sounds just like part of the scam-o-script to manufacturers, whereby they were pressured to “hurry up” and get the signed vendor agreement faxed back, so that the “Executive Committee” meeting taking place “now” could approve them. Meanwhile, there is no more of an “Executive Committee” than their is a “Focus Group” or “Consumer Test Panel.” I sure hope companies aren’t still falling for THAT ONE…

    Fortunately for Danoff, he’s got people in his corner who are consistently two steps ahead of the ID team. Unfortunately for the LACKEY (who was none to happy about being exposed and called out), he made the unwise choice to “inform” Danoff that “his client wasn’t afraid of him or any witness on his behalf.” Ouch ! That one definitely left a MARK, since this classic backfire maneuver caused INCREDIBLE DISCOVERIES to get SPANKED the next day, by way of FACTUAL INFORMATION DISSEMINATION on the WWW.

    At this juncture, they’ve got the blueprint which SHOULD HAVE BEEN USED at the outset, to formulate a LEGITIMATE settlement offer. Too much to expect, perhaps, from people who are completely CLUELESS as to the meaning of LEGITIMACY. Let’s put it this way: Each day that goes by that said settlement offer does NOT come Danoff’s way, is a day that will be at least as bad, if not WORSE for ID than the day before. Cobra Collection Scam, here they come !!

  9. Incredible Discoveries is now finally starting to taste a dose of their own medicine, as they’re being hammered by the truth. As it comes to the surprise of nobody in a growing group dedicated to bringing these people to justice, more victims are coming forward and more lies are being exposed. A natural result of this is that companies are now able to get more and more facts about these people, so that by the time a solicitation phone call comes their way, they expect the “pitch for the vendor fee” and are able to promptly put the phone down.

    The arrogant head of ID probably thinks he’ll just shut down as Incredible Discoveries and open up under another name. After all, that’s what he did with Site2Shop, Buyers Shopping Club, National Shopping Club, Great Buys, Hispanic Direct, etc. etc. He’s got plenty of lawyers and plenty of lackeys to do this, and it appears the two groups are interchangeable.

    However, it’s more than just the credibility of the company name or “Incredible Discoveries” that is now under a magnifying glass – it’s the dubious non-existent credibility of the man himself, based upon nothing more than his dealings with others. This man’s unwarranted ego is causing his name to be made MUD in the industry on an ever-increasing basis each day.

    True to form of those who ARE credible, the “predictions” as to the outcome of these individuals are coming to pass. Once they opted NOT to put forth the type of compensatory settlement agreement to make necessary restitution to Danoff for the egregious wrongs they’ve done to him by setting him up, the die was cast.

    Let’s be clear here Matthew. Danoff is the VICTIM, and the manufacturers who’ve lost $75,000 and/or have had to file bankruptcy after losing their homes because of INCREDIBLE DISCOVERIES, they’re the VICTIMS.

    As a direct result of these contrived cases by INCREDIBLE DISCOVERIES against Danoff, he lost a job he had for two years, and now his wife’s Lupus is deemed to be a “pre-existing” medical condition. As a result, she must now leave the country to have needed surgeries related to her condition, as the cost is now prohibitive here. That is wrong on more levels than there are levels, and these people WILL be held to account.


    Instead of spinning their wheels frantically trying to prevent the truth from being disseminated electronically, these people need to generate their energy towards taking a good hard look at what they’ve done to Danoff, to the Padillas, to Abernathy, to Relan and to all the others who’ve yet to come forward. They will NEVER be able to stop the growing momentum now, other than to START MAKING THINGS RIGHT. Step ONE is to FILL IN THE BLANK.

    Until there is indication by any VICTIMS that this has been done, the victim alliance WILL NOT STOP, until Alfieri will no longer be able to open up under ANY name. No “silent partnership,” no NOTHING.

    Could this be the end of the line for “The Teflon Con” ?