Incredible Discoveries Lawsuit against Bob Danoff – Part 1

Yesterday, Bob Danoff, ex-employee of Incredible Discoveries, brought to my attention that parts of my blog are being used as Exhibits in a court case he is involved in. Specifically, the case of Immediate Capital Group Inc. dba Incredible Discoveries vs. Robert Danoff (filed in the District Court of Palm Beach County, Florida. This bothers me because everything on I write on this blog is copyrighted material and you are supposed to get permission to reprint or use it elsewhere.

Nevertheless, I was quite curious about how and why my name and words were being used as Exhibits in a court case.

Bob felt that I should be informed of an upcoming court hearing he had to attend because parts of my blog were going to be presented in a court case. I think Bob was concerned that if for some unforeseen reason I somehow had to go to court, I would be upset. As I am protective of my reputation, Bob would be right. It is strange because I have nothing to do with the dispute between Incredible Discoveries and Bob.

I have only written about my few interactions with Incredible Discoveries. As a whole, they seemed respectful and professional to me. The only reason I wrote about them at all was the fact that it seemed interesting that an infomercial company would want to talk to me. After all, I have no illusions of being anywhere close to a best-selling author (at least for now). At the end of the day, I am still very skeptical of the infomercial industry as a whole. And when someone asks me to pay money to the tune of $75,000, I am very, very wary and suspicious.

I happen to know a couple of people who were part of nationwide infomercials and I know they did not pay anything as the production companies believed in the individuals and the products they were selling. In any case, even if I was going to cough up that kind of money, I would use it as down payment to buy a smaller commercial real estate property in our local area, not spend it on an infomercial.

I asked Bob to fax over his paperwork so I could see how my name and content was being used. The fax included the Certificate of Service and Plaintiff Petition. Surprisingly, the documents were written in a direct, easy to read and understand format.

It appears that I have to set the record straight before this gets out of hand. First, it appears that the folks at Immediate Capital Group Inc. dba Incredible Discoveries (ICG ) appear to be giving Bob Danoff way too much credit for the alleged damage against Incredible Discoveries.

Second, I know very little about Bob to this day because he has been very guarded in what he says regarding Incredible Discoveries. He simply encourages me to do due diligence. Sometimes, when someone is very careful in what and how he speaks, it tells way more than anything he might say. However, if he is telling the truth, that is a whole different story. Bob clearly wants this conflict to end and he does not want to be accused of saying things he did not say. I cannot say I blame him.

I told Bob to not worry since his advice came too late. I have been naturally skeptical of the infomercial industry as a whole. And as a matter of course, I do a Google search on any company or individual I intend to do business with. I read what interests me and form my own opinions. If Incredible Discoveries feels I formed a negative opinion of them because of Bob, they are greatly mistaken. There were other sources involved.

In Part 2, I will give my comments on the Plaintiff’s Petition. It was very interesting reading.


The latest information can be found on The Incredible Discoveries Information Page.


  1. It’s this lawsuit that’s “Incredible” !

    Enough. Who is Bob Danoff ? Based upon my limited knowledge as I have never personally met him, he’s an “everyman”. He had nothing to do with the post to this site cited in this frivolous and malicious lawsuit filed by “Incredible Discoveries.” Why do I feel that this lawsuit is “Incredible” ? Basically because of the FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE I HAVE THAT THE BASIS OF LITIGATION IS MALICIOUS AND FRIVOLOUS. It’s got to stop, and it’s going to stop. Now.

    Why were the actions malicious ? These lawsuits were completely based upon LIES. I was a direct witness to a conversation that took place between an Incredible Discoveries employee and Bob Danoff. It was the employee-turned-“witness” who called Danoff, not the other way around. It was this same employee who asked Danoff to “see if there was a place at Platinum for him”, not Danoff who urged this person to come work with him. When Danoff said “No can do,” because he “wasn’t sure the new place was legit or not”, the employee was outraged that Danoff “wouldn’t help him”. It didn’t end there, since this employee told me a short time later that he was asked, along with another employee, to give testimony as part of a lawsuit to be filed against Danoff, that Danoff tried soliciting them to come to work for the company he went to. I could not believe what I was hearing, and responded that since it was a lie, this person wasn’t going to go along with it and leave Danoff “twisting in the wind”, was he ? The “man” meekly answered that he was and while he felt bad for doing that to Bob, he was told that if he didn’t cooperate, he’d be out of a job. I became pretty angry and told him to tell the man who asked him to lie to “take this job and shove it”, and reminded him that what he was doing amounted to perjury, and suggested he research the penalties of perjuring himself under oath before agreeing to do so. NO JOB was worth LYING FOR, but at the end of the day, this man figured it was “all of their word against Danoff’s.” Not so.

    I initiate contact with Danoff and told him what I knew. I did so not only because it was the right thing to do, but also because this employee told me that Danoff was suffering from cancer, as my own parents had battled. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I offered help to Danoff out of compassion, prior to my husbands’ diagnosis with brain cancer just months later.

    I communicated with Danoff via e-mail, and I’ve since learned that the people at Incredible Discoveries may have invaded MY PRIVACY by “hacking” into this e-mail account. Why ? Are you concerned about what I know and who I will share that knowledge with ? You should be. I will absolutely be a witness, since it’s long past time that ALL the truth comes out. Just who do you people think you are, anyway ? How DARE you use the courts to “get even” with Danoff for the “perceived wrongs” this man did by leaving !! You initiated lawsuits based upon lies you directed others to tell for your gain!! How you’ve been allowed to get away with it up until now defies rationalization. Did I try to help in any way I could, by recalling the names of companies I knew of who dealt with Tricom Pictures when I worked there ? I sure did, since these are the people with a far more personal story to tell than any former employee could ever offer. Learning about what happened to them would paint the clearest picture of all.

    Here’s a lesson I learned on May 17, when my 47 year old husband died. Life is too short. I will not be intimidated or threatened and I WILL tell the truth if and when asked. Be assured that I know how to get in contact with others who feel as strongly as I do about this matter. Now ask yourselves: Do you really want the truth to come out ? Stop accusing Bob of doing things he didn’t do. In fact, stop the abuse of process altogether, before the Judges realize just what you people are up to ? As for Bob, you’ve wrongly deprived this man of his livelihood, and subjected him to very intentional emotional distress. You call yourselves “Christian” ? MARK my words, God WILL hold you all accountable.

    Should you now see the error of your ways and right your wrongs ? Well, as Clint Eastwood would say, that depends. “Do you feel lucky?”

    I suggest you govern yourselves accordingly. If you don’t, you have only yourselves to blame when the truth comes out.

  2. Justice,

    When I read the Plaintiff’s Petition, I thought to myself, “Are they really serious about this?” There was so little substance to it and it really made ICG look really weak by painting Bob Danoff as this almighty, influential demigod bent on wreaking havoc and destruction. To me, he is just one guy trying to move on with his life.

    Clearly, you are passionate about your position and many of the statements you emailed me appear to be accurate. As far as I can tell, your credibility is high with me (albeit you are clearly angry). I can see how you would be hostile to ICG given that your husband died. I guess you have very little to lose at this point.

    I must confess I would hate to be on the receiving end of your wrath. You write well and you research well. Maybe ICG will back down so everyone can resume their lives. I hope so.