“Incredible Discoveries” Submits Alleged Written Retraction by Robert Danoff

A public relations representative contacted my office today and claimed to have a written retraction by Robert Danoff.  Since I have never seen Bob’s signature, I cannot verify if it is actually his or not.  I am happy to post the letter if I can verify from Bob himself that he did willingly sign this letter and the conditions in which he is signing it.

The letter is direct and plain.  Having spoken to Bob in the past, it appears to be inconsistent with his writing style.  It looks like someone wrote a letter and, at best, told him to sign it.

After all the time and energy Bob has given, why a retraction now?  From my understanding, neither party is allowed to discuss it.

Having dealt with the court system myself as a plaintiff, it sounds like a settlement was reached.  The “only” thing Bob has to do is agree to sign to the contents of the letter which says he was a disgruntled employee and other descriptions and Incredible Discoveries would drop all lawsuits against him.  That is only an educated guess on my part and I had thought this might eventually happen.

Having learned a little bit about his personal situation over the past few months, I suppose it was inevitable this would happen.  After all, why would he want to continue to fight this?  He had very little to gain monetarily.  It is way easier to simply stop fighting.  And if that is the case, so be it.

To be clear, I have no dog in this fight at all.  What I dislike is having my time wasted and having someone or some company solicit my business and asking $75,000 from me with little more than an attractive website.  Are you kidding me?  It takes nerve to do so.  I also find it very suspicious that I have seen in Florida public records a variety of lawsuits filed against or by the parent company of Incredible Discoveries vs. various individuals.  Basically, I tend to think “where there is smoke, there is fire”.

Having spoken to an employee within a direct response publication, a fellow entrepreneur friend who was also approached by Incredible Discoveries, and a couple of other entrepreneurs whom I do not know that complained, other people clearly share a similar distrust and suspicion of the Incredible Discoveries operation.

In the interest of fairness, from my singular perspective, this is mostly my opinion.  However, it is not entirely unfounded.  I have found enough information in the Florida public records that would make me say to people “let the buyer beware” or “go find another company and listen to their pitch”.  I have also kept all the communications of those who have complained or communicated with me regarding Incredible Discoveries.

It also does not help when I ask the public relations person about whether other people were unhappy, she was in denial of it.  Clearly, she did not want to talk about it and basically I could care less because I don’t want to waste time digging.  So I let it go.  My antenna is up and my gut instincts screams loudly regarding them.

I have no interest whatsoever to dig or find any more information within the public records.  There is no reason for me to do so.  I did find the public relations woman I spoke to to be relatively professional, polite, pleasant, and respectful.  Good thing because I was expecting some ugliness.  I was happy I was wrong.  I must admit I did ask her, “Are you going to threaten to sue me now?”  I told her I half expected it.  She said they were not that way.

And so, I hope I do not have to write any more about Incredible Discoveries.  I know those folks have communicated to me that they would be quite happy for me to delete all postings relating to them.  But, they did contact me first even when I told them I wasn’t interested.  And I do document interesting business interactions.  They certainly qualify.

I may eventually remove my opinions of Incredible Discoveries and their disputes with others if things stay quiet long enough.


The latest information can be found on The Incredible Discoveries Information Page.

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