– Melita’s journey with lung cancer

Melita HuntIt is with a great deal of sadness, and perhaps a celebration and opportunity, that my friend Melita Hunt has launched her own personal blog,  Unfortunately, it relates to her journey with the recently-discovered lung cancer.

Melita Hunt is the CEO of Van Tharp Institute.  Van, a man I highly respect, wisely chose her to run his office operations.  Unfortunately, I found out a few weeks ago just after my plans to visit Colorado Springs was well under way that she had lung cancer.

I remember vividly how I got the news.  I was up at 3am (as I typically am in the East Coast) and this email from Melita comes through.  She was responding to a long overdue “how are you doing” email from me.  I had thanked her for introducing me to the seminar I attended in San Diego because it was a wonderful experience.  And when I get the response from her, it is so not what I expected.

I felt like I was punched in the stomach.  I have never known anyone directly who had gotten lung cancer and here it was, a young vibrant woman who has contributed to my life in so many subtle (and not so subtle) ways, getting lung cancer.  I can say that I thought it was so unfair.  She didn’t “deserve” it.  (That said, I don’t mean to imply that other people I do not know deserve it either!)

If there is anyone that can pull through this, I think Melita can.  She is of strong mind, heart, and spirit.  Behind the scenes, I had long considered having her as co-writer for my blog but it just never came about.  But now, I get to happily and with great love and admiration announce and support her new blog,

(If you are wondering why she named her blog,, you are not alone.  I found out that the name was inspired from her “best case scenario” (BCS)  which was to give up and sacrifice her left lung.  Can you imagine that as a “best case scenario”?  Alas, BCS will not happen.)

I regard Melita’s new blog to be a motivational and inspirational one.  And so, any of my commentary regarding Melita and her blog will fall under Motivation & Inspiration category because that is what she represents to me.

I invite you to read Melita’s blog, to get inspired and motivated.  I know I will.

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