The Investors Roundtable of Columbus GA is Retired

Last night, we concluded the last official meeting of The Investors Roundtable of Columbus GA.  It had a respectable run since March 2007.  Our small group (which had gone through some membership changes) made it to the end.  I would say that the success rate will be high.  2 students already closed on their first investment properties.  Another one closes next week.  And yet another student has an offer in.

Essentially, the students learned a lot and I believe everyone was a bit sad that this has come to an end.  However, everyone understood that all things (even good things) must come to an end.

With this ending comes an unexpected new beginning.  Plans are under way to re-launch a modified version of The Investors Roundtable in Colorado Springs!  I anticipate the first meeting/seminar will take place during the first week of December 2007.  An official announcement will come later.

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