Meeting Kendra Todd (Winner of “Apprentice 3”) at NAR 2007 Convention

Kendra Todd at NARDuring my week at the NAR 2007 Convention, I had the unexpected pleasure of running into and meeting Kendra Todd, Season 3 Winner of Donald Trump’s TV show “The Apprentice”.

Wes and I were near the NAR Booth in the center of the Expo area.  We were looking around to figure out which direction we wanted to walk next when I noticed a young, attractive woman in a green dress speaking on a small stage.  It took me 2 seconds to recognize this woman as Kendra Todd, Season 3 Winner of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice”.  Being a fan of “The Apprentice”, I have to admit I was excited about meeting and chatting with Kendra.

Wes and I walked over to the Lowe’s booth to where she was speaking on stage to a small group of expo attendees.  We had arrived at the last 10-minutes of her presentation so it did not take long for us to get a chance to meet and chat with Kendra.

Interestingly, it did not seem many people recognized Kendra so it was easy for us to approach and speak with her.  I did ask her where her current homebase was (Delray Beach).  I asked her about her current schedule.  She commented how if she had 10 days to herself without travel, it would be wonderful.  I asked about where her future direction lies.  I don’t think I am betraying her confidence when she stated that she wanted to work more with women and wealth-building.  I surmised she wanted to move away from the real estate field from which she is known.

It is my guess Kendra wants to make a bigger impact on the world than working exclusively in the real estate world.  (We share that trait in common.) She has a lot going on right now from what I could tell from her comments but I got the feeling she was having fun.  She admitted to me winning “The Apprentice” opened up a lot of doors for her.  (No big surprise there.)  Kendra did mention she did appreciate the quiet times the few times she gets it.

All in all, meeting and chatting with Kendra Todd was a fun experience.  She was a down to earth young woman.  I found Kendra to be more petite in person than on TV.  She was also gracious enough to stand in a photo with me as you can see.

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