New TurnKey Investor’s Seller-Financing Seminar Recorded

Two weeks ago, during my blog hiatus, my friend Tony Calloway and my business partner Wes Weaver joined me in hosting and conducting a brand-new seminar, “The Turnkey Investor’s Seller-Financing Short Seminar”.

Essentially, this is a more advanced seminar that builds upon and expands the content of “The TurnKey Investor’s ‘Subject-To’ Mortgage Crash Course”.  The “subject to” mortgage is only one form of seller-financing.  While it is a great way of financing investment property, there are many instances that technique is simply not practical, nor desired in some transactions.

Wrap-around mortgages, land contracts, contracts for deed, and lease-options are also legitimate ways of financing investment properties.  Each of these financing techniques have their own pros and cons as well as the circumstances of when you should use them.

Wes Weaver and I share our real life experiences and comments on the other forms of seller-financing techniques that we have used (and those we have chosen NOT to use!).

Originally conceived as an additional “audio crash course” in the spirit of “The TurnKey Investor’s ‘Subject To’ Mortgage Crash Course, Tony talked me into making the Seller-financing presentation into a seminar in front of a live and experienced real estate investor audience.

Essentially, the raw unedited recordings come to over 4 hours of audio content.  I expect to edit it down to less than 3 hours however that is a very rough estimate.  I am trying to pare it down to a 2-CD audio course set but it may end up being a full 3-CD audio course set.

Once the audio course has been completed, I plan on taking that content and creating an all-new manual called “The TurnKey Investor’s Seller-Financing Handbook” which will be similar in format and a companion manual to the “The TurnKey Investor’s ‘Subject To’ Mortgage Handbook”.

There is no precise timeline for when the Seller-Financing products will be available except that I expect it will be released in 2008.

I will be putting a warning label on the products that beginning investors or students should not buy either of these products.  The discussions were advanced level.  The one beginning student we had was a bright person but clearly did not have the background to keep pace with the seminar presentation.  She served as a barometer for me to warn off beginning investors and students.

I would like to comment that all the students in the audience (with one exception) were prior students of ours and had actually done at least a couple of real estate transactions.  Gauging from the feedback from students, they greatly appreciated the fact much of material that Wes and I presented had not presented in such depth and sophistication.

As I get more news on the progress of the Seller-Financing products, I will post them here.

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