The Intrepid Way: How to Create the Freedom You Need to Live the Life You Want!


Feeling exhausted at the end of every workweek? Do you feel that you can never stop working? Do you find that you have little time and energy for the important things you want to do in life? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you probably spend too much time in the daily grind of a full-time job! The secret to getting more time in your life is to spend less time grinding away at a job!

In The Intrepid Way, the formula for Personal Freedom is:

Personal Freedom = Monetary Freedom + Time Freedom

This book is about creating a lifestyle of personal freedom by achieving both monetary and time freedom for yourself; allowing you to escape the daily grind of a full-time job in Corporate America! You say that this is impossible? No, it is not! The author did it in three years … starting from a zero income!

In this book, you will learn the philosophy and of living and working The Intrepid Way. This thought-provoking, mind-expanding book may disturb you. It will challenge your core beliefs – all that you were taught and the way you look at time, money, life, and Corporate America.



You will learn:

  • Why entrepreneurship is the key to your personal freedom!
  • Why perpetual wealth, not riches, will provide you financial security!
  • How to create streaming income so you can stop working!
  • How to build income layers that will achieve the lifestyle you want!
  • How you can redesign your life to have a 10-hour work week!
  • How you can “retire” within five years – but won’t once you get there!
  • How to assemble a personal network of people within your life to powerfully help you achieve personal freedom.
  • How you can use business networks to tap into like-minded business contacts and waiting customers.

The Intrepid Way is a book like no other. It is hard-hitting, controversial, and sure to upset the establishment. This lifestyle book is only for the committed and the courageous … not for the hesitant or the timid!


(214 pages)
ISBN 1-933723-07-6


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