Customer & Reader Testimonials: The Intrepid Way

Various Customer & Reader Testimonials of The Intrepid Way.


The Intrepid Way goes all the way!

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, want to find a way to manage your life and find your own personal freedom, then this is the book for you! Matthew Chan does an outstanding job of explaining just what it takes to make the decision to choose freedom, create a plan and execute it. He explains in great detail what it really takes to break through fears, learn a new skill (or in his case, several new skills) and take it to the real world.

Matthew tells his story with conviction and truth – he pulls no punches and makes no judgments. He just simply tells it like it is for him in his no-nonsense, fact-filled style.

He understands and implements the secrets to success and now you can too!

Stephanie Frank
Author of “The Accidental Millionaire”


Excellent book for those that want financial & time freedom

Matthew Chan explains real well what we didn’t learn from our parents or school teachers. He writes how we can achieve both financial and time freedom in these times of economic scenarios. He writes with simple language to understand simple concepts.

I did not get bored reading “The Intrepid Way”. Usually business and financial books are boring. But, Matthew kept my attention and focuses on reading and made it very interesting to read. I’m also going to share the information on “The Intrepid Way” with people that I come across and with my clients.

He talks about residual income. That’s music to my ears. I want to make money while I’m sleeping.

Matthew writes for people to think where they are in relation to current circumstances in life and get the upper hand to become financially free. No more grinding work and say goodbye to captor type of environments.

I like how Matthew expresses entrepreneurial mindset. He expresses through the power bestowed on each one of us. Use the power within and Matthew shows how to develop that inner power and transform into money and time power.

I highly recommend “The Intrepid Way” and place it with the business library books for reference. I also recommend reading the book occasionally to get the juices flowing again.

Ernie Martin
Las Vegas, NV


A Very Enjoyable Read…

I would highly recommend the Intrepid Way–The word “intrepid” means: not alarmed; unafraid, bold; fearless; dauntless; very brave. This book really spells out the intrepid way that Matthew has obtained monetary and time freedom and puts it in a very doable format. It will challenge you to think and act differently in how you approach “earning a living”. Matthew is very open and candid in sharing his successes and failures and doesn’t set himself up on a pedestal, but as an example of one way to reach your goals in becoming financially independent. As an added bonus, it’s an easy read and very enjoyable too!

Gayle A. Brantuk
Whittier, CA


Dear Mr. Chan,

I finished “The Intrepid Way” in two days, and just finished your Lease-Options book this evening (started it on Thursday). Thank you for sharing your perspective, insights, and experience in your writings. I wish I had these books, or least the mindset back in my early twenties! But I do feel revitalized in my outlook on life, and thanks to your books, I feel more free than I ever had. I haven’t started investing in properties yet, but I will in the near future.

I thought that a new profession or more education was answer to the happiness I was looking for. Meanwhile it was right in front of me the whole time. But it took “The Intrepid Way” to make me see that. So again, thank you!

I’ve recommended your books to my girlfriend and friends. I have no doubt that they will find the info as useful as I have.

Randy M. Yniguez, MA, LMHC, RN



I wanted to thank you and congratulate you on the great book: “The Intrepid Way”. What a book! Truly, a great success and definitely a future bestseller. I can tell you that I read “Think and Grow Rich” in a week, and I finished your book in less than three days. It was captivating.

Your ideas were easy to be absorbed by my fertile mind which was already familiar with the Rich Dad philosophy. But I have learned a lot of concepts from your book. I remember back in April somebody advised me to buy it, and since then I was thinking about doing so. And I am glad I did.

I appreciated the concepts about networking, using the Internet to build business relationships, and specially how to find a mentor, and what to do for them.

One of the quotes that really impressed me was this sentence on page 148:
“Wealth is often created during uptrends, and it is often transferred during downtrends.” Like Robert Kiyosaki said, it is a question of positioning ourselves to become the recipient of that wealth.

Another thing I was overlooking in my life, and which the book helped me to notice: was the power of the Internet. Thanks to your book, I am giving more attention to this arena now.

I must confess that I have to read your book a couple of times more to fully absorb the entrepreneurial spirit laying within its pages.

In one phrase: A great read from a great entrepreneur.

Thank you Sir for sharing your experience with us.

Howard Hamilton


Another pivotal mindset book!!

I have spent many years and $$$ on personal education about investing, property & business building.

For me, Matthew’s concept of Money Layers (expense and income layering) was worth the price of the book. Everything else was a bonus.

I rate the Money laying concept right up there with the Poor, Middleclass & Rich spending habits diagram from Rich Dad Poor Dad for insight provoking and thought changing.

If passive income is something that calls to you, I suggest you should pay close attention to this concept.

Chris Bridgeman
Auckland, NZ


The Best-Ever Guide To “Living Life On Your Own Terms”

I could easily relate “The Intrepid Way” to my own entrepreneurial struggles in pursuit of living life on my terms. Matthew Chan presents his experiences so candidly that I felt like I was in a conversation instead of reading his story. This book gives clear examples of the important decisions you must make if you truly desire to leave the corporate world and make your way in “the real world” as an entrepreneur. No hype. No gimmicks. He talks of choices and changes that are tough, but essential to regaining control of your time and financial affairs. This is the story of an ordinary, everyday guy who did what he dreamed of: Become his own man, running his own life in his own way. What could be more compelling? I was incredibly impressed.

Tony Calloway
Columbus, GA


Fantastic Book for the Real World!

This book is Fantastic!! And in my mind it is one of the best books about the concepts of creating wealth. Specifically Time and Money Freedom = Total Freedom, and how to create money layers – So you don’t have to rely on a job for a paycheck, and latter the Government for a pension.

Rather if you follow the lesson in this book you will be building income layers streaming money into your pockets rather than having haul buckets (that make your boss rich) for the ret of your life and rely on the Government for your financial security (and think again if the Government really can provide a pension for life!! Especially with the Baby Boomers coming to retirement!).

Matthew Chan has done an impressive job to say the least! Rather than simply writing stories to explain concepts (a common criticism of other wealth books) Matthew Chan opens his real life up to us, and because of this the book stops being academic or simply a book with some stories, it is a book that provides the way to create everlasting and unlimited wealth in the real world with no hype either!


Jack Williams
Sydney, Australia


Extraordinary and Inspiring Book

I love the way Matthew verbalized the process of how he moved from his corporate job to entrepreneur effectively allowing him to retire. Matthew’s views on retirement allows him to work just 10 hours a week to meet all his own needs, leaving the rest of the time to spend working on amazing projects that serve his global community. This is an extraordinary and inspiring book!

Felicity Heffernan
Property investor


I just finished reading Mathew’s book “The Intrepid Way” and I really enjoyed it. It does not give many specific details on starting but it’s strength is in offering a new perspective on where you are and where you will be if you do not make a choice. I found that insight very helpful. There’s no scam and Mathew is truly self-made and is not trying to sell you anything stupid like a MLM. But does offer insight in how *anyone* can make the jump and start living a life a freedom.

It was a nice surprise!

Bob O.


It’s never too late…

It’s never too Late, Trust me!! At 50 years old looking at my retirement account doing simple math, I knew it didnt add up; And until I read the Intrepid way I didnt know what to do about it. I now see a new world of opportunity that has been there for me all along, but I couldnt see it. I now know using the lessons of the Intrepid way I have enough time to build ‘Income Layers’ that will pay over and over again.

Beverly Weaver
Columbus, GA


A Brave New Financial World from Chan

This is one of those rare books that is full of mind bending distinctions and yet easy to read and digest. Chan provides us with new and deeper distinctions of wealth. He shatters the false but popluar myth that wealth is reserved for the select few. He shows, step by step, how true wealth can be created by ANYONE who is brave enough to believe in and take action towards “Personal Freedom.” It is a must read for anyone who wants to put their quest to exit the “rat race” in over-drive.

Marah Boyeson
Bryn Athyn, PA



This book really hits home. Once I picked up this book I couldn’t put it down until there were no more pages to turn. The authors ability to take the mystery out of the equation of how to have TRUE FREEDOM is super. This is a refreshing, very enlightening read that calls me to take action! FREEDOM is what it is about for me, and THE INPREPID WAY is a valuable tool that I can use to speed up the process and use as a reference.

For all you PARENTS out there – this is a must read – the philosophy of this book is a legacy worth passing on to your children.

Mathew Chan – my hats off to you, thanks for helping me get out of my rut!

Darla Anderson
Ashland, OR


Matthew Chan has done an outstanding job in explaining the steps and realities of achieving personal freedom in an easy to understand manner. He defines personal freedom as monetary freedom plus time freedom and explains the importance and distinctions of this definition. The book details his journey along with thought provoking ideas, many of which run contrary to “conventional wisdom.”

The book goes into detail about the psychological barriers and issues than need to be addressed. Additionally, the book explains the importance of and how to develop personal support networks, which are essential to being successful and staying the course.

I also enjoyed the insights the author provided about his life, its successes, setbacks, and things that might be done differently along his journey towards personal freedom. I found this to be a refreshing “real world” approach.

This book is a must read for anyone who wants to take charge of their life and become accountable for their own success.

Steve Copper
Littleton, CO


A Must Read for Personal Freedom

The Authors ability to explain that “True Freedom” is not just about MONEY but it is also about TIME, is very refreshing.

He explores the ability to manage your personal life and business in order to maximize your Personal Freedom!

A Must Read for anyone wanting to succeed.

Hal Hubbard



Wow! I found this book to be unique, inspiring, and compelling, there are distinctions in this book that’s hard to find in other business related books, Matthew tells it like it is with a down to earth, no hype, no judgment approach, I believe this book will provide anyone who reads it rocket fuel to leave the rat race and experience a new sense of freedom into the world of entrepreneurship, I would highly recommend this book!

Ryan Stewart
Columbus, GA


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