Real Estate Portfolio-Building Session for Primerica Group

Tony & MatthewTony Calloway, a member of The Investors Roundtable, and I are sponsoring an experimental real estate portfolio-building session for the Primerica group he leads in Columbus, GA.  The session will be present to a small group on Monday, June 18, 2007.

The idea for this experimental session was born from a discussion Tony and I had after I had attended one of his Introductory meetings.  I found the session interesting and enlightening.  However, I also found that were opportunities to advance the level of information and opportunities for the Primerica representatives.  These Primerica “reps” already have some level of success and I thought it might be interesting to see how they responded to the portfolio-building ideas and concepts that Wes and I practice in real life which Tony is now learning.

Because Tony and I are big believers of collaboration and we believe that “small ventures lead to bigger ventures”, we both decided this might be fun to try. 

I have heard of Primerica for years and never really learned much about it.  However, my relationship with Tony has warmed me up to the company.  It appears to be a reputable organization unlike many network marketing organizations I have seen.  The fact Primerica appears to be tied to Citigroup is certainly not a bad thing.

The question of “How will Primerica representatives respond to the idea of real estate portfolio-building?” will soon be answered.  I am looking forward to presenting my material in my “direct and real” style to an entirely new audience.

Tony, the forward-thinking and optimistic fellow he is, is already priming me up for the possibility of a follow-up session!  I told him that we would see how it goes!

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