The Investors Roundtable of Columbus-GA Returns!

Tony CallowayFollowing my November announcement that The Investors Roundtable of Columbus, GA would be discontinued, my friend and student Tony Calloway took the initiative to “informally” continue what I had left behind with The Investors Roundtable meetings.

Several weeks passed and I have observed from afar how the group has progressed. I am pleased to say that even without my or Wes Weaver’s guidance or direction, they have maintained the energy and enthusiasm to move forward together.

Clearly the structure and format has changed under Tony’s leadership. He has brought a new tone and energy to the group. Whereas I led with a “strong hand” and singular mandate, Tony brings a consensus-building, democratic sensibility to the group. It allows the members to participate more in the leadership of the group.

Having seen positive results under Tony’s leadership, I agreed to support Tony from afar. I have no desire to actively manage or lead the group but I am interested in seeing the group flourish and grow. To that end, I have formally supported Tony’s efforts to continue and grow the group.

I will assist in bringing awareness and publicity to the group through my websites. I will also assist in bringing credibility and education to the group by making my published materials to the membership at a discounted price.

I firmly believe that the strength of a group comes from the strength of the leadership. There is another group that regularly meets in Columbus, GA. I do not believe in its leadership nor do I believe in its effectiveness. And so, while I respect the membership and their efforts, I cannot endorse them.

I am a person who believes you should be discriminating who you accept as a member into a group. You are judged by your achievements and performance, not simply having money and being interested.

As long as Tony and I continue to be aligned in the mission, I will continue to support the ongoing efforts of The Investors Roundtable of Columbus-GA.

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