Upcoming TurnKey Publishing Series – Concept Titles and Cover Art Teasers

TurnKey Publishing Book Cover ConceptThis is mostly a teaser post for the folks who are curious as to what is happening “behind the scenes”.

I am currently laying the groundwork for my next major publishing series, “The TurnKey Publishing” Book & Audio Series. It is modeled similarly to “The TurnKey Investor“Series. The TurnKey Publishing titles are slated to start rolling out in 2008, 5 years after my publishing company (Ascend Beyond Publishing) and my first book, The Intrepid Way, was published in 2003.

A lot has happened in the last 5 years and I have certainly learned a lot about the art and craft of creating and building a publishing business. It continues to grow at a steady pace. Although I like real estate, I like the publishing business even more. And so, I am looking forward to producing and releasing the titles.

If you visit TurnKeyPublisher.com, you will see it consists of one announcement page with some teaser information. I don’t typically release the names of the projects I work on until I am well under way. However, because it is an all-new book and audio series, I needed to experience the “look and feel” of the artwork by viewing it on a live website.  I will let it sit there for a few days to see if I want to keep the current design.

My disclaimer to what I am sharing is that EVERYTHING is subject to change. The titles, the projects, the cover art, etc. are all subject to modification or even scrapped if I don’t feel something is appropriate.

Having said all that, enjoy the “behind the scenes” peek and if you have any constructive criticism and feedback, feel free to email me.

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