MRG Reviews “The Intrepid Way”

The Intrepid WayThe same folks who runs also run the Blog.  They had these comments to say about my book, “The Intrepid Way”:

   I wrote a short review in our Books/Audio section on the SP website. In essence, this is the quintessential book on what you need to know on passive income. Chan’s writing is easy to read, and he comes across as genuine and no-frills. You can buy this book by clicking on the link below. If you are serious about passive income, then read this book.-RY

Thanks to MRG blog for sharing their positive feedback on my book.

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  1. Thank you, Matthew, for writing such an inspiring book! It was because you decided to share your experience through your writings that we were compelled to take action and make changes in our lives. We are forever grateful. Go Knights!

    -RY and the Mangrove Root Gang