Independent Professional Reviewers (Bixler): The Intrepid Way

Read the review by Independent Book Reviewers (Bixler) of The Intrepid Way.


This may be the best self-help book that you ever read!  Unfortunately, for me, it came into my hands much too late, for I’ve already finished a life-long career.  Still, as I read the book, I found myself getting enthused and even exploring new ideas, just as I used to do!  Matthew Chan in The Intrepid Way: How to Create the Freedom You Need to Live the Life You Want may indeed inspire the necessary courage, may indeed help you determine whether you are brave enough to follow his guidance. You may have the entrepreneurial spirit and the courage that can result in your totally following his formula to success.  Maybe not!  Regardless, this is still a Must-Read book! Why?  Let me share my experience with this and other books by the author.

Matthew’s books are written as if he is talking directly to you.  He is the teacher. We are his students if we want to be.  He willingly has agreed to be our mentor and has indeed written his book as if he were right with you, discussing each topic, each issue.  Sometimes he’s enthusiastic, sometimes he’s brash, sometimes he may offend—but  always, he speaks what he feels is “truth” and he challenges you to consider and respond to those truths.

The Intrepid Way is based upon a formula.  A formula for Personal Freedom.

Personal Freedom = Monetary Freedom + Time Freedom

Matthew Chan has solid advice about the use of money, creating layers of income, etc.  He shares his fears when he risked taking the necessary step to follow his dream.  He shares his successes.  His guidance is specific and easy to follow, easy to understand.  In this and other books, he discusses his choice to become an entrepreneur.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, he quit his job!  He eliminated the stream of income that most of us use for our entire life.  He chose not to depend upon having a salary coming in every single month.  He chose Personal Freedom.

Without support from family, friends, or a salary, Matthew Chan worked hard to achieve his goal.  As you read his book, you may be interested in the way(s) he achieved monetary freedom.  He shares in detail about his work in real estate, writing, and selling on the Internet.  His thoughts and ideas are there for you to glean and develop to meet your own needs.

Aside from the money issue, which is very important to any goal, any dream, I’d like to share my personal story about why I believe this book is a must read.  Matthew Chan realized early enough in his life that he needed personal freedom and that had to include time freedom. Most of us learn from the past, from our family, from society—that we should plan to find a career for our future in order to bring in the necessary money from which we live.  Unfortunately, nobody shares that, in doing so, we may lose ourselves!

How did Matthew acquire his wisdom so early?  We don’t know. He probably doesn’t even know because it did not come to him through his family ties, or through his long-term higher education studies.  Perhaps he first subconsciously saw it.  Perhaps through one or more of his continuing education courses, he began to move early thoughts into his daily conscious.  Thankfully, for him and for those of us who read his book, we can also review and, hopefully, work to correct and save the rest of our life!

I speak from experience.  After 37 years of commitment and loyalty to one institution, I was given a letter that my position was eliminated.  Yes, there is a lot more to it than what I say here.  However, one of the reasons that I chose instead to retire early was that I had sufficient years and funds in a “mandatory” retirement program that allowed me to retire before I was 60.  Before that, however, I had had a medical leave of absence mandated on job burnout.  I had no other life other than work, even church was another time commitment that I felt had to be met.  I had indeed lost all time freedom and my personal freedom to the job.  When the doctor told me I had to choose between life and my job, there really was no choice in my mind.  I walked out and, in many ways, I continued to “walk out” for many years thereafter.

Now, the point I make is that through a mandatory retirement program and length of employment at one institution, I have the stream of income that is important to sustain basic life needs.  If I had had no retirement program, I would have been in a position many of you may be in if you were to also lose your job, your career!

Consider right now, that your personal freedom is not only important, it may be the only thing that keeps you from physical, mental, spiritual or emotional burnout.  Your job is NOT your life.  I know that now after a commitment of nearly 40 years to an institution that, in turn, had no commitment to me!  The Intrepid Way is an answer!  It may not be the only answer; i.e., there may be other ways than Chan suggests to ensure that you have the required monetary freedom.  That’s not really the point!  The point is to read between the lines.  Absorb what Chan shares with us, with you!  Let the book awaken thoughts that you have buried because you are doing the only thing you think is possible.  Remember The Intrepid Way only requires that you have courage. It requires the courage to seriously review your life and ensure it is the life you want to be living. Chan will be your teacher, your mentor, if you allow him.

G. A. Bixler