Midwest Book Review’s Comments on “The TurnKey Investor’s ‘Subject To’ Mortgage Handbook”

tkisub2.jpgEarlier this year, Midwest Book Review generously evaluated two of my books.  One of them (from March 2006) included “The TurnKey Investor’s ‘Subject To’ Mortgage Handbook”.  Here are their comments…

The TurnKey Investor’s “Subject To” Mortgage Handbook is a guide written especially for the independent-minded investor who is seeking a more economical way to buy investment property than to make a large down payment and then qualify for a mortgage. A lesser-known seller-financing technique called the “subject to” mortgage – in which the buyer safely and legally takes over and manages an existing mortgage offered by the seller – allows investors greater freedom and flexibility. The TurnKey Investor’s “Subject To” Mortgage Handbook offers guidelines for getting qualified sellers to call the reader and offer a “subject to” mortgage, tips on how to guard against common pitfalls, and much more. A “must-read” for experienced investors frustrated by bank mortgage demands.

I thank James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief of Midwest Book Review, for making the time to do this review.

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