Midwest Book Review’s Comments on “TurnKey Investing with Lease-Options”

tkilo-sm.jpgEarlier this year, Midwest Book Review generously evaluated two of my books.  One of the reviews (from January 2006) included “TurnKey Investing with Lease-Options”.  Here are their comments:

With contributions by Wes Weaver, professional real estate investor and property manager Matthew S. Chan has creative “TurnKey Investing with Lease-Options: How To Simply & Safely create 12% Returns With Investment Property!” a comprehensive, “reader friendly”, instructive introduction on creating, investing, and managing a profitable real estate portfolio utilizing Lease-Option. Readers will learn how Lease-Options work to simply and safely build an investment portfolio; how to generate steady, spendable cash flow through Lease-Options; finding the right real estate market to safely invest in for a reliable return; profitably manage properties while avoiding ongoing maintenance expenses eating into the bottom line; recruiting the right management team to build and guard a real estate based investment portfolio; even how to invest in a Lease Option investment strategy without the necessity of owning property. Superbly organized, informed and informative, Matthew Chan’s “TurnKey Investing with Lease-Options” should be considered a mandatory study and on-going reference guide by anyone aspiring to make money consistently and reliably in today’s volatile and competitive real estate market through the utilization of Lease-Option strategies.

Again, I thank James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief of Midwest Book Review, for making the time to do this review.

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