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The Intrepid Way

The Intrepid Way
by Matthew S. Chan

Today, technological, economic, and social changes occur at an increasingly rapid pace. Globalization, corporate restructuring, and downsizing continue to ravage the ranks of corporate workers unprepared and unequipped for sudden changes. Never has there been so much fear, uncertainty, and doubt from workers and employees in modern times.

Despite modern advances in technology, people continue to work as hard, if not harder, as those in past generations to support their lifestyle. Employees work more and have less personal time. Dual-income families are the norm.

Fortunately, there is an alternative and a solution. The Intrepid Way teaches and promotes a work philosophy and lifestyle that shatters conventional wisdom. The Intrepid Way teaches people those skills necessary to create personal freedom. Within The Intrepid Way, Personal Freedom is defined as a simple formula:

Personal Freedom = Monetary Freedom + Time Freedom

You cannot have one without the other. How this is achieved is through learning the skills of transitioning and transforming a lifestyle of corporate “employee-ship” to one of entrepreneurship and personal independence.

Impossible you say? No, it is not. The author did it within three years! Does it take work? Yes. Does it take determination? Yes. Does it require some risk-taking? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes. And it can be done within 5 years. It is about having the courage to pursue and achieve Personal Freedom through entrepreneurship!

If you are a worker disillusioned with corporate “employee-ship” and tired of the daily grind, this is the place for you. This site is dedicated to the developing the entrepreneurial spirit and skills that lie within each of you.


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